High Speed Business Broadband

As your demand on the Internet increases so does your requirement for High Speed Internet Service. With Interlink you can leverage Internet to its full potential and reduce Operating cost. We can provide you DSL speed up to 200Mbps and even more by utilizing our bonded solution.

​Unlike other ISPs that simply connect, collect and forget, at Interlink we want to understand what your business needs are.

Data Centre & Colocation

When it comes to security and accessibility of your data, you can rely on Interlink. We have state of the art data centre facility where our clients have been colocating with us for over a decade. We feel pride in being a step above the competition.

​Whether you have a large enterprise or small business, Interlink has flexibility to accommodate your needs from 1u of rack space to an integrated multi-rack solution we can provide a feature rich solution that is right for you.

Fiber Connectivity

Interlink haInterlink has the ability to combine collocation and connectivity services to provide a unique WAN solution for multiple locations. Your remote offices can connect to each other, to your servers or to head office whenever they want with no traffic limitations.

​With Fiber, we can provide with your synchronous bandwidth speeds starting at 10Mbps to 100Mbps with latency in 1 to 2 ms.

We're your Internet Solution Partner

Outsourced IT

With greater dependency on your Network services it is important that they run consistently, reliably and at optimum performance levels. Your bottom line can be greatly affected by even the slightest ...


Wireless Broadband

Interlink is proud to offer broadband access over wireless. We utilized licensed and licensed exempt microwave links for our last mile solution. Most have our major clients have employed wireless link...

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