Data Centre & Colocation

Interlink offers a fully redundant collocation facility that is located right in hardcore of downtown Toronto. Our data center was built from the ground up and provides a perfect solution for businesses of all sizes. Interlink offers 24/7/365 access to your equipment and staffs an entire team of technical professionals to ensure that your resources are in good hands.


Key Differentiation

As with all the services we provide, our collocation is a step above the competition. The key differentiation is our ability and commitment to deliver any level of service that is required to provide you with an integrated solution, engineered to meet your custom requirements.

We accomplish this by providing you with collocation service that provides your company with rack space, power, bandwidth, and security. You will get experienced staff working with you to configure or manage your collocation solution when help is needed.

You can lease advanced managed services with collocation including firewalls, data backups, and other advanced managed services.

So whether you require 1U of rack space or an integrated multi-rack solution we can provide a feature rich solution that is right for you.

When you are looking for a quote for collocation services, you will need to define your space, power, bandwidth, and managed services requirements to Interlink. Contact us today for pricing and more information.

Data Center Features​

  • Shared rack space from 1U
  • Dedicated rack space in lockable cabinets
  • From 1/8th to a full rack
  • Direct connection to Bell fiber optic network
  • Monitored network connectivity
  • Network/bandwidth Utilization Reports
  • Optional data backup
  • Optional remote reboot functionality
  • Remote hands assistance
  • Raised floor with anti-static tiles
  • Uninterrupted power supply
  • backup generator
  • Multi-homed capability (BGP)
  • Independent environmental control system
  • Secure 24/7 access to facility
  • Burstable 1000 Mbps backbone connection
  • Dark Fiber availability to 151 Front

We are Green!

Interlink is once again leading the way in our industry. This time with the latest enhancement to our data center infrastructure.

We took advantage of APC’s most recent addition to their InfraStruXure® extended run architecture, Hydrogen Fuel Cell technology.

We have upgraded our extended power by installing the very latest in power management solutions available from American Power Conversion APC.

We pride ourselves on using innovation to deliver a competitive edge that benefits our customers. We needed a backup power system with an extended run-time that would work within our existing building structure.

We remained true to our core ideals in adopting an innovative, reliable solution that is based on leading edge, environmentally friendly technology.

We believe that we are the first and, to date. the only ISP in the world to adopt this green technology.