Fiber Connectivity

Has your business reached its bandwidth maximum capacity? If so, upgrading to fiber may be the right solution for you. Fiber optic internet is best when you need greater bandwidth for day to day operations. Fiber connectivity can be provide all the connection points with fast, secure and reliable service.

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Why Fiber?

The need and demand for enhanced connectivity solutions continues to grow. Whether the organization be Financial, Healthcare,
Government or Education, all need to take steps to ensure their network infrastructures to deliver bandwidth, flexibility, redundancy, security, and ease of moves, adds and changes.

With the increasing use of the network to access services such as IP based applications, and with rapid growth in centralized storage area networks (SAN), the building and campus backbones being deployed today are a critical part of the infrastructure. Enterprise end-users have multiple applications running data over the core of the network. They also have multi-level cross connection topologies that call for enhanced connectivity in backbone applications (i.e.,cross connections between floor distributors and/or building distributors) whereby innovative fiber apparatus systems offer more cost effective options than traditional offerings.

Some of the highlights of our fiber solutions are:

  • Ultra Reliable Performance.
  • Guaranteed Symmetrical Speeds.
  • High Data Rate Capability for up to 10Gbps

Interlink has ability to provide you fiber based connectivity from 10Mbps to 100Mbps to 1000Mbps. Depending on your application requirements, our engineers can work with you to devise solutions that need your business need.

How does fiber fits into your equation?

Today your business depends more and more on your connectivity to the Internet than ever before. Email with large attachments, cloud based application software, access to large databases with multiple users, high bandwidth requirement becomes necessity and Fiber based Internet fits right into the solution.

You need fiber if you have a ..

  • Desire for an efficient migration path to speeds of 10 Gb/s and beyond
  • Need to quickly and easily configure work group networks
  • Flexibility to efficiently support multiple connectivity technologies
  • High security requirements,
  • High-density, rapid deployment options
  • Need for increased control over network operations
  • Need to reduce recurring operational costs

As a colocation facility Interlink has been able to provide turnkey solution to its clients with fiber connectivity to customer premises from its data centre. Interlink uses full gigabit per second fiber connections to the Internet for peak performance and supports at least gigabit speeds in its backbone network. Customers have the option to connect to the backbone at 1 gbps, 100 mbps, 10 mbps, or custom speeds as needed.