Hotel Guest Wifi


What we bring to the table?

We understand the demand for wireless Internet access has grown exponentially and each guest can walk in with multiple Internet devices and would like to stay connected all the time.

From smart phones to tablet PCs to game boxes, each guest member in the guest room wants fast and easy access to the most reliable Internet connection and Interilink delivers that precisely.

Interlink as an ISP provides.

Some of the highlights of our wireless solutions are:

Long Range high power Wireless Access Points.
High Performance Wireless Network.
Increased Capacity and Throughput.
Centrally managed software.
Multi-Site Management

How do we do it?

We understand that connecting wireless device to the wireless network is half of the equation and the other half is actual Internet access provided by an ISP. Interlink as an ISP is in a position to ensure enough capacity is available to cater ever-increasing wireless demands.

When we design a wireless network, we ensure we can control the customer experience from the data leaving the wireless device till it reaches the destination.

YOU as a hotel owner/operator should never have to wonder whether to call the Internet service provider or the company which provided you with the wireless infrastructure when your guests have issues connecting.

With one call we can:

Manage any wi-fi device remotely.
Increase bandwidth capacity for special requests.
Block or authenticate a device remotely.
Reboot, restart, re-connect all remotely.

One stop shop for all your wireless needs.