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Interlink's cloud Computing Platform

Why Interlink

We deeply believe that success in the field of technology comes from providing first class, proactive services to our clients. This deep conviction comes from phenomenal team we have at Interlink under the leadership of a CEO who spent a tenure at Apple Inc. as a Senior Scientist and brings wide range of technology expertise and diverse market knowledge.  Our goal is to remain true to our core ideals in adopting an innovative, reliable solution that is based on leading edge technology that delivers competitive edge that benefits our customers.

Discussing the Numbers

Fiber Connectivity

100Mbps Starting @ $499/m

Has your business reached its bandwidth maximum capacity? If so, upgrading to fiber may be the right solution for you. Fiber optic internet is best when you need greater bandwidth for day to day operations. Fiber connectivity can provide all the connection points with fast, secure and reliable service.


High Speed Business DSL

50Mbps Starting @ $99/m

As your demand on the Internet increases so does your requirement for more increased bandwidth with High Speed Internet Service. Contact sales at 1-855-629-5465 and we can help you figure out what your Internet access needs are.

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Data Centre | Colocation

Cabinets Starting @ $199/m

Interlink offers a fully redundant collocation facility at 151 Front Street West, Toronto. Our data center was built from the ground up and provides a perfect solution for businesses of all sizes. Interlink offers 24/7/365 access to your equipment and staffs an entire team of technical professionals to ensure that your resources are in good hands.

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Stock Charts in the Newspaper

Manged IT

Experienced & Professional

You can either invest in the development and upkeep of your own internal IT services or you can outsource to us. Interlink has the necessary expertise at hand, ranging from Network Management/Monitoring to Infrastructure Management.

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