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Cybersecurity has become a widely popular topic of conversation around the world. Interests range from trending career paths, to new compliance mandates, and security breaches that all business owners hope to never encounter.

Over 85% of organizations were hit by a phishing attack in 2021, 1 in 7 organizations experienced an account takeover in 2022 so far. It is imperative that an additional Security Layer should be added to prevent any attempts. 


Email impersonation attacks have tricked individuals into sending wire transfers and sensitive customer and employee information to attackers who are impersonating their CEO, boss, or trusted colleague. Gateway Security uses artificial intelligence and deep integration with Office 365 to stop these attacks before they reach your mail server or end user.


Our solution is Four folds:

  • Stop Targeted Attacks

  • Stop Account Takeover

  • Domain Fraud Prevention

  • Forensics and Incident Response

We secure your  network from intruders, whether targeted attackers or opportunistic malware.

  •  Application security: Focuses on keeping software and devices free of threats. 

  •  Information security: Protects the integrity and privacy of data, both in storage and in transit.

  •  Operational Security: Includes the processes and systems for handling and protecting data assets. 

  •  End-user cyber-security factor: Anyone can accidentally introduce a virus to an otherwise secure system by failing to follow good security practices. Teaching users to delete suspicious email attachments, not plug in unidentified USB drives, and various other important lessons is vital for the security of any organization.

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