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SD-WAN & Connectivity
As a top Business Internet Service Provider and SD-WAN expert, we're dedicated to enhancing your connectivity. With a robust internet infrastructure for businesses, we deliver reliable services. Our advanced SD-WAN solutions redefine network management, ensuring flexibility and security for your evolving needs.

Count on us for cutting-edge connectivity, fostering a dynamic digital foundation for your success.Since 1995, we’ve been committed to being the best at what we do, serving clients Nation-Wide by not just meeting their expectations, but exceeding them.

Our Services

Our Services

As your business grows so does the demand for high speed Internet and IT infrastructure. Interlink is proud to offer wide array of services from broadband services to IT insfrasture design & support to cyber security.

Unlike other ISPs that simply connect, collect and forget , at Interlink we want to understand what your business needs are and help focus on your day to day core business. WE ARE YOUR ONE STOP SHOP FOR ALL IT NEEDS.

Standard Broadband

Interlink Broadband Solution can provide high speed Business [FTTN] DSL with speeds from 25, 50Mbps to 100Mbps.

Our Business Broadband Solutions are designed to fit your business needs.


Fiber Connectivity

As the need and demand for enhanced connectivity solutions continues to grow. Interlink has lead the way to Fiber Broadband with speeds from 100MB, 1GB, 10GB to 100GB.


Elevate your operations with our innovative SD-WAN solution, designed to optimize your network performance and ensure a robust, secure, and scalable digital infrastructure for your organization.


Interlink offers both private and public cloud solutions hence helping businesses avoid spend on server hardware. Get access to sophisticated technology without the cost of building our own IT infrastructure.

We offer real cost-effective solutions that allows balance between flexibility and security.


As businesses are increasingly relying on cloud and data to run day to day operations so do they expose themselves to cyber threat including ransomware.

Interlink provides complete security package from protecting your emails to your data and your desktops and servers.

Managed IT

With over 25 years of experience, Interlink technical team is equipped to offer a full spectrum of services and solutions to ensure that your network and IT infrastructure runs reliably and dependably.

Interlink has been offering outsourced IT services to both the public and private sectors for over 20 years.

Ready to find out more?

We offer a wide spectrum of services from basic DSL broadband to Fibre Connectivity to Fixed Wireless. From design and implementation of new network solutions to the diagnosis, analysis and re-engineering of existing systems Interlink has the expertise to develop, deploy and support installations in any environment. Our solutions are designed to cost effectively increase productivity, reduce down time and save you money.

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